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    Measure your waste

    Reduce your waste

    By measuring the quantity of waste generated, organisations can develop tailor-made plans for waste reduction.

    Better prepared for Waste Charging

    Based on the current proposed waste charging scheme (500HKD per tonne), it is estimated a university and certain large corporate might need to pay up to hundreds of thousands or tens of millions HKD each year for disposing wastes.

    Check and plan; reduce at source

    • Regularly measure the quantity of waste and recyclables;
    • Develop waste reduction plans and targets; and
    • Share the reduction plans with stakeholders and join forces to reduce waste.

    The Waste Check Charter will last for 18 months starting from October 2015 to March 2017.

    campaign period

      shopping malls
      universities colleges
      government related organisation premises

      Tips of Today

      • Government & Related Organisations

        Identify all waste generated from organisation.

      • Shopping Malls

        Streamline operation procedures and eliminate unnecessary forms and records.

      • Universities & Colleges

        Use double-sided photocopying.

      • Hotels


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